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Saurabh Kakkad

B.Voc in Banking and Finance

On the first day of my Internship (7th August, 2018) after training in Shyam Advisory, I was assigned the task of calling the Customers and on the first day itself I got Payment 9000/- Rs for one year delivery services. Our Team Leader appreciated me by highlighting that till now; I have been the only one who has collected the payment from Customers on first day itself. This was really a moment of pride for me. During my third semester itself, I have become a Junior Team Leader which I feel i...

Hemal Janiyani

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

I'm Hemal Janiyani pursuing B.Voc in Sales and Marketing from Drona Education Foundation. Just because of this course, I can experience many things which are helpful in my career. My future seems really bright with this course. I have worked with The Hanger Boutique and with Bespoke Couture known as Needle Stories by Vibhuti. It gives me amazing experience like, to handle Premium Client and to deal with them. If I wasn't a B.Voc student, than I would not have any opportunity to e...

Hiral Dave

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

I can definitely say that Drona Education Foundation has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. I am proud to say that I belong to this wonderful temple of knowledge. I get to learn something new with every subject. My college provides us all these: The best course, expert lectures, industrial visits and many other co-curricular activities that manifold our knowledge in Marketing and other necessary activities....

Poonam Lalakiya

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

We have studied in a huge and beautiful campus. A special vote of thanks to the management who has always laid down great efforts for the Campus activities, studies, SKP and many other things. B.Voc had been the best part of my Life as I have witnessed my Parent’s happiness when they saw me on my first job. The theoretical and practical knowledge that I got from here is helping me a lot in outreaching the markets and I am sure that it will certainly be very helpful for my future too.

Meet Raja

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

B. Voc is the course due to which I am able to see a bright professional future ahead of me.

Hetun Joshi

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

I had joined B. Voc Sales and Marketing because it gives me gives me the opportunity to experience the real market scenario along with academic qualifications. This course is very beneficial for us as we are given theory as well as practical knowledge. The work experience that I had got during Internships has acted as a great platform for my current work profile.

Jay Parekh

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

This course has proved to be very beneficial for my as it provides a great exposure to the current market scenario along with focused studies.

Surbhi Dholariya

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

B. Voc curriculum of TISS-SVE, is really as per today’s requirement. It allows to have practical training along with studies, a great platform for future jobs.

Priya Parmar

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

Drona Education Foundation had given us the best faculties and opportunity to have the best practical training. It’s proved that this course is different and that choosing this certainly makes us different.

Janvi Parsana

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

I, Janvi Parsana have pursued B.Voc from TISS-SVE. I am heartily thankful to TISS-SVE and Drona Education Foundation for this course in which earning while learning is possible that too along with experience at just the age of 18. It makes me very much different from the other students and my friends who are pursuing some other course.  I, at the age of 18 had earned a stipend of more than 10k  but that doesn't play an important role in my life but the major benefit of this...

Jay Trivedi

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

I always feel glad when I talk about my course (B. Voc.) and Hub (Drona Education Foundation). This course has made both my life and future better. During this course, I had with Right Solutions, a Real Estate Marketing Company and an Automobile Company, Dharti Automobile who are dealing into the vehicles of Honda Company. I have learnt a lot both of these companies, a lot. This course is far more better than other courses because it gives both degree and work experience.

Mehul Sarvaiya

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

I, Mehul Sarvaiya am glad to be a part of B.Voc course . My Professors and SKP has played an important role in my development. During my Internships, I had worked with Jayshree Vyapar Ltd. as Sales Coordinator and had witnessed a good growth in me within the duration of 1+ years. Post that I got to work with Rajsons Exports at an Executive level and was soon promoted at the designation of  Export Manager. I am heartily thankful to Pratik Sir and Pooja Madam for changing my life and for m...

Anjali Dangi

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

The balance between academic learning & practical work culture insights has allowed me to experience enriching my skill and knowledge and also allowing me to witness my ability of working at corporate level at the age of 20. B.Voc made me realize my strength and my abilities. It made me more sensible & sensitive towards my career and I don’t know what I would have done without the help & support of B.Voc.

Rohan Vachhani

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

I am feeling proud to say that I am a part of TISS – SVE & Drona Education Foundation. It has given right direction to my career. Since more than 2 years I am working with Aarvee Associates. My work profile includes managing customer, handling documents and communicate with BANK & NBFC’s sales teams. I am extremely happy to say that at the age of 20, in last 3 months I have managed to disburse loans of nearly 26 cr. Worth. My experience with DronaEducation Foundation, TISS...

Shubham Sagar

B.Voc in Banking and Finance

I am proudly saying that I am a part of TISS – SVE and Drona Foundation. I have chosen B.Voc in BFSI because I am interested in banking and financial services. The course is bit different from other courses. But I have learned to implement combination of theoretical and practical knowledge from B.Voc. At the age of 20, I have saved 1.5 lakhs by SIP and get my Activa from that. And I have gifted smartphones to my parents. My parents feel proud on me. I have got the best course, institute...

Yash Pandya

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

I proudly say that I am part of Drona Education Foundation and TISS-SVE. It has given me right direction to my career. The course, expert lecturers, best on the job trainings and extracurricular activities helps in overall development of personality. I am currently placed in Options showroom and I have bought a bike and mobile phone for myself from my salary. I also gifted mobile phone to my mother from my salary. This experience will be helpful way forward in my life and I am very thankful t...

Juned Juneja

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

Students of my age are normally writing projects, preparing presentation or going on industrial visit,but here on other hand I am getting practical training in form of internship with my graduation.I am working as Supervisor in reputed company named Jivan Amrut co-op society. Where my age students spend there hrs in cafeteria or movie theater I spend my time achiving targets making my hrs more prodective. Where my age youngster spend their money in parties.I am organising an events for my com...

Nidhi Bhaktani

B.Voc in Sales and Marketing

I am second year student of B.VOC in Sales and Marketing .since this course provides an exposure of gaining practice experience while learning, so I immediately made-up my mind to join it. I was placed in Aatman Group (A Real -Estate company) during 1st month of first semester itself. I continued working with Aatman Group. In the second month,I got promoted as Assis. Manager and during the 6th month of my work I am pleased to say that I was promoted as a Site Manager. By far, I have sold 20 t...

Karina Bavishi

B.Voc in BFSI

I am student of B.Voc BFSI. This is largely targeted towards youth who want to enhance their employability opportunities to learn, earn and grow. The course, experts, lectures, extra curriculum activities help in over all development of personality. I am actually understanding the operations of the bank while pursuing my on the job training. This experience will be helpful in future. I can surely say that I stand little ahead from the rest of my friends who are pursuing other regular courses....

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