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B.Voc in (Patient Care Management) B.Voc in (Patient care management)

One of the key areas in business is ‘Marketing Management’. Now ‘Marketing’ is a vast subject and it has its nuances depending on the type of organisation and the kind of products or services that need to be offered. There are multiple channels for marketing adopted by various industries.

This program aims to provide the candidate an end to end understanding of the marketing process and the skills required for becoming an effective marketing professional.

It enables students/working professionals to enhance their Career potential in terms of their work experience and provide competitive edge for their final placements standing out from other Master degree program students.


Course Details

Course Details

A 6 semester, 3 year Degree Program in which students will attend about 15 hours of theory classes every week and get on the job training for up to 40 hours per week. Students will join companies as regular employees or interns and get paid for their on the job training. The program blends general education inputs, vocational education inputs and practical on the job training to produce industry ready professionals.

B.Voc in Food Processing is a program wherein; students take Internships under hospitals, Doctors, etc or other such department of the hospitals as a part of their work integrated training.

Program Objectives:

  • To provide students a new opportunity at the under graduate level – an industry focused, employment  oriented curriculum
  • To help students pursue their graduate program studies while pursuing regular employment or paid internships
  • To create the community college eco system envisaged by AICTE and the University
  • To assist students find suitable employment after successful completion of the program
  • Students become more competitive especially in the field of health care and patient care as they carry the experience of three years along with their theoretical sessions
  • Students gain hands-on experience before their final placements or even their master degree courses which make them far more competitive than other Graduate students

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